Better Than Sprouting
How to Grow Your Group
to Keep Connections
We've learned a lot about human behavior and how to support the growth of resilient, connected, and compassionate Buy Nothing communities. We put everything we learn into the continual development of our BuyNothing platform, so you have an option that will allow your Buy Nothing group to grow without destroying any connections or excluding anyone.

Click here to read 11 reasons to grow using the Buy Nothing app. This is a post you can share, written by a long-time Buy Nothing private group admin who expanded her community this way.

When your Buy Nothing group outgrows its private group, you can invite your entire community to connect using our custom-built BuyNothing app. Click here and we'll help you get started.

In addition to Buy Nothing-specific features, we've intentionally designed our platform to allow groups to grow without the damaged connections and feelings of exclusion that came up for many people during our original "sprouting" process.

There's room for everyone in our app, connecting on a platform that was designed especially for Give-Ask-Gratitude sharing, and everything that comes with these Buy Nothing actions. Each person is in control of their sharing radius settings and your presence as a Community Builder is much needed and will be officially recognized.

As a Community Builder in BuyNothing, you'll get to focus on the best parts of building Buy Nothing and guiding your neighbors, and your input about platform features and functionality will be heard and valued.

You won't need to deal with the things that can be stressful and time-consuming, such as approving people into your community and dealing with reported posts and broken rules - Our app does all of this (and more!) for you, freeing you to inspire, lead, and include your community in the Give-Ask-Gratitude abundance of Buy Nothing.

If you'd like to put our platform to work for yourself and your community, reach our team via this form and we'll help get you and your group set up on BuyNothing. This transition is up to you and your group. Your community can use both its current private group and the app for as long as you'd all like.
Older Approaches to Group Growth
Would You Rather Sprout or Cap Your Group?
We've got resources for that, too!
It's a fact that private Buy Nothing groups using Facebook Groups can't accommodate ever-increasing membership growth without running into some predictable human nature and technological issues. At around 1,000 members, you'll begin to experience a host of issues that make it more difficult for your BN group to continue its positive impact in your community.

In the past, we supported BN groups going through growing pains with two different approaches, and you're welcome to learn about these and choose one of these paths for your Buy Nothing private group.

If you choose to cap your group, visit our update your group page for the description text you'll need. If you choose to sprout, contact us via this form and we'll help get your new group(s) set up.
Sprouting & Capping Resources
Sprouting: Dividing one too-large group into a number of smaller, more hyper-local groups

Capping: Closing a group to new members and welcoming sister groups set up to serve the same general area