Start Your Buy Nothing Community
We'll walk you through the process of
becoming a Community Builder and
bringing Buy Nothing to life for your community
Step 1: Download the BuyNothing app
This is our free independent platform, custom-built to make it easy to share Give, Ask and Gratitude posts, to send pick-up directions and private messages, and to get the most from your Buy Nothing experience.

The app is your one-stop resource for all support materials you need to build a Buy Nothing community on any platform. You'll find tips you can share with your community, flyers you can download and print to post in your community, and you'll be able to connect directly with the volunteers on the Buy Nothing founding team.

If you're on an iPhone, here's the link for the BuyNothing app in the App Store:

And if you're on Android, here's the link for you to download the BuyNothing app from Google Play:
Install BuyNothing
Step 2: Set Up Your Profile
Our Quick Start Guide will help you set up community location, sharing radius, profile and learn how to post. You can easily change your address and Community Settings at will, to match your movements around your community, as often as you'd like. Visit How to Buy Nothing for a more complete guide to how everything works.
Get Started
Step 3: Graduate from the Buy Nothing Academy (optional)
Take our self-paced Buy Nothing Academy online to learn everything you need to know to bring Buy Nothing to life for yourself and your community in 7 Lessons.
Buy Nothing Academy
Step 4: Complete Your Community Builder Application
Community Builders volunteer to teach neighbors how to Buy Nothing by modeling Giving, Asking, and Gratitude through posts, comments, raves, and likes. Community Builders receive access to a special tool to speak directly to their community with specially marked helpful "Tip" posts that encourage, explain, and inspire. Community Builders receive a special BuyNothing badge in recognition for exemplary leadership and community building skills. Apply here
Step 5: Want to Build More Buy Nothing on Other Platforms Too?
If you're also interested in building a private Buy Nothing Community on Facebook in tandem with the BuyNothing app, we've got you. Visit this page and we'll get your group started!
Buy Nothing Private Group Set-Up