Privacy, Safety, and Security
Protect your personal info
For your security and privacy, we recommend you share your personal contact information such as pickup or drop off location, ONLY via private message.

If you share your personal information such as your email or phone number in a post or comment anyone using our app may be able to see it.
Regarding gifts of cash
Gifts of Cash are allowed, so long as they are direct, from one person to another, not via a bulk fundraising campaign. In other words, we don’t allow GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaigns or anything similar, but it IS okay to request or offer a Gift of Cash via personal channels, whether that’s delivered online or in-person.

Here are some things to think about: Almost all requests for a Gift of Cash get reported to us because some people do not want to see this type of gift being requested or offered. You may find your community is more supportive if you can request what you need in another form. For example, instead of asking for cash to buy an airline ticket, you could ask for the ticket itself, or for frequent flyer miles to use. 

If you’re one of the people who reports Gifts of Cash to us because you don’t want to see these gifts being offered or requested, we ask you to remember that Gifts of Cash can be incredibly impactful, and can be used to build equity, offer reparations, etc. We welcome all legal gifts here, and this is legal. Also, each of us can use the “block” function to remove posts and/or people from your Buy Nothing community whenever we see something that’s allowed but not to our own Buy Nothing liking. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Each of us participates in Buy Nothing at our own risk. There is no guarantee that the person you see in the Buy Nothing app or any other Buy Nothing community is who they say they are. Before you share any personal information in a post or comment, and before you meet anyone in person, you must do your own work to insure your safety and security. 

How do I block a user from seeing my posts and comments?
If you no longer want to see another user (and their content) in the app, you can block the user:

  1. View the user's Post in the Home Feed
  2. Tap the ... (three dots) to the right top of the Post
  3. Tap Block, then follow the instructions
Keep in mind the account you block won’t know you've blocked them.