Buy Nothing Project Private Groups
Buy Nothing Admin Agreement
This is an agreement between the Buy Nothing Project and people for whom we set up and/or update private groups on Facebook.
This is the agreement that explains how you and the Buy Nothing Project will work together to support your Buy Nothing private group. Please read it carefully.

You are using the Buy Nothing Project's copyrighted documents and our trademarked name, and we have a shared duty to protect and maintain the integrity of this Project.

To run a worldwide movement, we need to assure all community members that they are being served by the most current, legally-compliant materials available. This agreement supports and protects community members and admins, alike.

We provide you and your community access to the most up-to-date materials that the Buy Nothing Project has to offer. When you use our materials and/or name, you are licensing them from us and are party to this Buy Nothing Admin Agreement. Our mutual responsibilities are detailed below.

We give you permission to use our materials and/or name to create your own local Buy Nothing group. We do not give permission for third party use of our documents and/or name. We do not give permission for third party group set-up or creation using our documents and/or name. We do not give permission for anyone to use our materials to set up or update a group or groups independently. This agreement is a contract between the Buy Nothing Project and you, a local volunteer admin for your local Buy Nothing private group.
Our Buy Nothing Project responsibilities to you as a Buy Nothing Private Group Admin:
  • Establish, uphold, and model Buy Nothing Project values and practices

  • Answer your questions about Buy Nothing Project values and practices via our Help Center

  • Provide you with Buy Nothing materials protected with copyright and trademark for your community’s use provided that your community remains in alignment with this agreement

  • List your group on the Buy Nothing worldwide list of all registered Buy Nothing groups, on our Find Your Group page, for neighbors to find and access your group via a live link

  • Provide a linkable pin point for your group on the worldwide map of all registered Buy Nothing groups

  • Provide resources to empower you to build community and support your Buy Nothing group on our Buy Nothing Project platform and website

  • Provide you with shareable posts, in the BuyNothing app under the Buy Nothing Community profile, with Buy Nothing tips and foundational information that you can share with your group

  • Share Buy Nothing news, resources, and tips directly with your group to keep everyone in the Buy Nothing loop

  • Respect your leadership of your own Buy Nothing group. We will only remove content that violates foundational Buy Nothing Project rules and content that is not aligned with our Buy Nothing mission.

  • We will not reply to any Facebook private messages from your group members or otherwise take on any duties of local leadership

  • The Buy Nothing Project will not step into group conversations about conflicts, issues, growth decisions, group membership, etc. The Buy Nothing Project will not respond to requests within the group via tagging, private message, comments, etc.

  • Buy Nothing Project private groups on Facebook are locally-led and locally-managed by local volunteer admins (you!)

  • If any illegal activity occurs in the group, if you remove Buy Nothing Community posts from your group, or if you take any other action that violates this agreement or the values and principles of the Buy Nothing Project, we withdraw our permission for you to use our materials and/or name.
Your responsibilities as Admin for a Buy Nothing Private Group on Facebook:

  • Accept full responsibility for your group and your leadership, with the knowledge that local admins (you!) are the only ones who make decisions for local private Buy Nothing groups

  • Understand, uphold, and model Buy Nothing Project values and practices

  • Look to Facebook for help understanding their platform, functions, features, changes, updates, etc. Facebook has a dedicated support center that will help you understand how their Private Groups work, and only Facebook has the most up to date and helpful information about their platform. We cannot answer questions about Facebook functionality, features, etc

  • Process membership requests for your group

  • Guide your group to build a strong Buy Nothing community

  • Provide your group with Buy Nothing resources

  • Manage and moderate all group issues

  • Monitor your group to ensure that your members understand and respect both Buy Nothing culture and the Terms of Service and rules specific to Facebook

  • Make all decisions regarding group growth, membership criteria, Local Variation rules, etc

  • Take action as necessary to uphold Buy Nothing Fine Print rules, best practices, and any of your own Local Variation rules, etc

  • Not remove or edit our copyrighted Rules, Description and 3 Questions. If you'd like to create an addendum to the Rules, Description or 3 Questions, you must write those out and include them as an addendum, with your name on them for proper authorship, credit, and responsibility

  • Let us know if you need or want to step down as local admin
Copyright 2023 The Buy Nothing Project, all rights reserved. Subject to updates for clarity and safety.